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The awesome colorations of the vulpes lagopus by StanHoneyThief The awesome colorations of the vulpes lagopus by StanHoneyThief
In the book "Beautiful fur animals" the arctic and blue foxes are still called "alopex lagopus" but since some time how people told me they are now called vulpes lagopus
Here are most of the color types which are shown in the book with their original names.
The names are the breeding names. Maybe some names you know different.
I guess that comes from the "fur-type-namings" which sometimes are different from the original breeding names.
However, I prefer to name the types of colorations after the book and not different.
These are just the ranched fox color types!
There are wild variations which look very similar to those you see in the first row.
I didnīt include the wild arctic foxes because their fur is different in shape and hair.
Some foxes also were just shown as pups, so i couldnīt make a color sheet for them, because the adults always look different then the pups do.

Here are the photos to the color sheet:
Blue fox:
Nordic blue -> [link]
Medium pale and dark blue-> [link]
Tundra -> [link]
White polar (Aka shadow fox in the fur industry) -> [link]

Recessive mutation colorations:
Pale arctic pearl -> [link]
Dark arctic pearl -> [link]
Swedish sapphire -> [link]
Oppdal sapphire -> [link]
Finnish sapphire (looks like Swedish sapphire) -> Only a picture of a pup
Arctic blue -> [link]

Dominant mutation colorations:
Lapponia -> [link]
Pale lapponia -> [link]
White shadow (the true shadow fox) -> [link]
Pale blue shadow -> [link]
Dark blue shadow -> [link]
Jotun -> [link]
Medium blue star (similar to Jotun but more blueish) -> [link]
Dark blue star -> [link]
Sognlibles -> [link]
Pale sognlibles and Sognliblesshadow -> [link]

(There were only pups as references. Because of that I didnīt make any color sheets)
Polar sapphire (blue with bright sides and white belly) -> No photos
Polar pearl (looking brown as pups, are looking similar with dark arctic pearl as adults) -> No photos
Shadow sapphire -> No photos of adults
Lapponiashadow -> no photos
Sognliblesshadow -> [link]
Sognlibleslapponia -> no photos

Not reproducable colors:
Piebald (Plotchy) -> [link]
Blue fox platinum (looks very similar to the piebald version) -> only photo of a pup
Somatic mutations (white foxes with a very few huge patches colored in blueish shade. No breed)
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